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FitnessWave is dedicated to providing individuals and groups of all fitness levels with unbiased scientific testing by trained and knowledgeable staff.

Our testing services and evaluations provide guidance on how to improve and/or implement health and fitness programs, nutrition plans and sport specific training.

FitnessWave's Human Performance Lab's strive to provide advanced fitness assessment services to everyday individuals of all fitness levels as well as fitness minded organizations alike.

Our multi-service concept consists of Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing, (RMR) Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, and Vo2 Sub-Max Testing and we have been proudly serving the fitness community since 1993!

Whether you want to get dunked, test your metabolism, find your fat burning or training zones; FitnessWave can help you make the right choices to get motivated, stay on track, and reach your fitness goals. Choose and use what is right for you!

If you are going to devote the time and discipline it takes to working out, isn't it worth knowing if your hard work is paying off?

Healthy, long-term weight management is possible!!

Technology and Services


Services Offered by FitnessWave
FitnessWave offers a complete variety of wellness
services to aid in complete health and wellness.
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Find A Location Near You
Find a FitnessWave Human Performance
Lab Location near you.
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Purchase Hydrostatic Testing Equipment
FitnessWave offers the most modern and state-of-art
Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing equipment on the market.
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th1 Book the Mobile Human Perfomance Lab
FitnessWave has the most advanced Mobile Wellness
Vehicles available today. Book yours now!
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